My business coaching programmes are for small business owners’ entrepreneurs and directors, which help for faster business growth. In these programmes, we will look to achieve your goals in the next three months, whilst working more efficiently and managing your time much better, enabling you to do more of what you love.


The three-month programme will focus on developing actions plans together, setting targets, hitting those targets, managing your time efficiently, greater direction and focus on activities that yield bigger results.

We will work on ways to generate greater revenues, profits, branding, messaging, and routes to market, all of which will be achieved through accountability actions plans. We work out our commitments, goals, the methods, and targets to be hit.

My role is to work with you 1-1, in establishing where your business is, where do you want it to go, how will we go about achieving this together and what is the vision. Many small business owners, balance so many things at once, the “how” part of the business journey is lost. Prioritization of what matters and what the priorities should be are important milestones, so to make yourself a success.

My business programme will be about driving you forwards, multiply your confidence, self-belief, establish better and more productive working patterns, routes to market, overcoming obstacles and challenges.

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