Why An
Accountability Coach?

Accountability Coach Why?

Well, most often than not, you have tried your partner, your friend, or a family member to be your accountability partner/coach. It can start off okay, but it then slowly fades out. The reason being is that there is a lot of emotional involvement and their commitment is not laser like focussed on your improvement.

Thus, to improve, in order to make the strides forwards that you want, you need to secure the correct people to be around you, which will then in turn scale up your level of commitment, motivation and get you through the hard times. Okay for me is not good enough, it is about being successful and happy, if you want average then I am not the right coach for you.

Having the right circle?

You need to have the right people there with you, in holding you accountable, in getting you from point to A, to points, B, C and D. This is instrumental for success and to keep up the results on a consistent basis. Being coached by the right person, who is not just a coach but holds you to account, in driving you forwards, can help turn your goals, your aspirations, into reality.

As your Accountability Coach I will help to bring the best out in you, have you focussed, put in the right action plan, hold you to account to that action plan, get you inspired and to make sure you keep on right path in achieving the results aimed for.

No deadlines in place?

Having the right Accountability Coach makes sure that not only is there an action plan with targets but that there is a deadline to them, in not being open ended. Setting targets and goals is important as it keeps us focussed, motivated and driven to do so, upon hitting those targets, it then boosts your self-belief and confidence levels.

As your Accountability Coach, we will together set the right targets within the right time deadlines, so that they are achievable, concise, and realistic. I will provide creative ways and help you in going about hitting your targets.


Destination point?

We do not achieve, or complete stuff successfully, if we do not have the right clarity, the correct vision and direction in place. We will work together, in working out the direction and destination points that we want to get to. The most important aspect is the “how part”, the methods, the ways to go about getting there positively than just to focus on the result. Without the “how” part, no successful results can be secured, and this is where I come in to cement that with you.

As your Accountability Coach I will provide you with a different perspective, provide the vision, which will format how things will look like when the destination point is achieved.

Climbing a mountain?

Often the sense that it seems too much, or too overwhelming, prevents us in having the right focus, so to set the right goals, putting in the right actions and having the discipline in going about achieving these aspirations. Most people talk about, having this, doing that but putting into motion actions to deliver these gets lost.

It can feel like mission impossible, too big a mountain to climb, a sense of it is just being too much, there is just too much involved. Thus, you feel time is against you, you just don’t have enough time to get things done, not on my watch!

I will identify what’s important, what to focus on, concentrate on the “how part” without getting lost in end goals only. You can’t achieve anything successfully without putting the right efforts, having the right discipline, time management and to do the work, being focused with your end goals in mind but might not daydreaming about them, or fantasising about them.

As your Accountability Coach there will be no daydreaming, it is about the here and now, finding the most effective ways to get the most important things done first and then onto the next. Ultimately developing a process of positive accountable actions, so to get us where we need to get to be successfull together.

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